Pe-uhmw Piping Used To Carry Sand/water

General Product Information:

PE-uhmw piping used to carry sand & water:Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a kind of engineering thermoplastics with more than 2 million viscosity-average molecular weight, under the polymerization of ethylene, butadiene monomer in the * characteristics of UHMW-PE pipe:1. Extremely high wear resistance;2. Very high impact resistance;3. Corrosion resistance;4. Good self-lubrication5. The unique resistance to low temperature;6. Not easy to form dirt;7. Long life-span;8. Easy installation.9. Health and non-toxicApplication filed:metallurgical mines, electric power, petroleum, natural gas, textiles, paper making, food, chemical industry, machinery, electrical and other industries.Specification:Pressure Range: 0.6


Industry:Abrasive Industry
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